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A 100% organic biostimulant that enhances a plants ability to absorb and utilize nutrients. Derived from natural occurring cytokinins, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and micronutrients. Works by enhancing the plants ability to control the movement of nutrients through the stem and leaves and augments the existing enzyme functions in the plant. Increases the synthesis of chlorophyll, stimulates cell division and lowers the activation energy required for reaction/completion at the cellular level.

Price : $13.95



A hybrid blend of botanical seaweed extract, blood meal, organic carbon, amino acids, carbohydrates, primary N-P-K plant foods, yucca extract and micronutrients. Biostimulant effect from seaweed promotes vigorous growth, better quality fruits and abundant blooms with better keeping and storage qualities. Recommended for indoor or outdoor growing situations, container plants or field grown plants using native soil and artificial mixes.

16-16-16  recommended for vegetative growth cycle and transition to flowering stage

Price : $10.95

4-26-26 may be applied during flowering stage or at young plant stage to encourage root growth.

Price : $10.95


Quality Growers can depend on a batch to batch formula standardization from our in house laboratory and rigorous review process that includes dissolution / dissolved tes / pH, purity, efficacy , ingredient review and selection and heavy metal testing. Use of atomic absorption spectrography to test ingredient components.

Growers will benefit from an exclusive and propriety blend of 43 stabilized organic and inorganic elements essential for plant growth, correctly balanced cationic and anionic charged plant nutrients, organic nitrogen bonded colloidal humic and fulvic acid, stable organic mineral complexes, organic acids and amino acids. Scientifically organized to ameliorate absorption for dependable high quality yields.

20-6-16 Foliage Pro - Provides NH4 - N03 balance for optimum foliage. Supplies extra calcium and magnesium. An excellent choice for indoor growers.

Price : $ 69.95

9-21-12 Bloom Pro - Helps promote flowering and fruiting, contains extra calcium, magnesium and sulfur plus 7 micronutrients, organic compatible.

Price : $ 63.95

30-10-10 Veg Vigor - Quick green up foliar for nitrogen deficient plants, use for native soil grown plants or soil containing media. Helps to reduce soil pH. Organi c compatible.

Price :  $ 49.99